Is Geometric Parking the Most Efficient Way to Park?

There has been a lot of headlines recently about geometric parking.  In a word, geometric parking pertains to the perpendicular layout of parking spaces in a lattice-like framework.  

An aerial photograph of geometric parking is captured below:

Credit: Reddit Post on February 18, 2019

Each parking spot is appropriately numbered, with the space and parking row, to make it easy for the driver to identify and locate his vehicle.

Is Geometric Parking Efficient?

Indeed, if you were to lay out your Lego bricks, this geometric parking structure would be the most efficient pattern.  This is where we can fit the most Lego bricks in a certain area while giving just enough space for the vehicle to back up in reverse without hitting anything.

Vehicles can go only in one direction so that minimizes the potential for fender benders while entering or exiting a parking lot.  

When designing this lot, it is important to include the turn-around space needed for a vehicle to traverse this geometric parking lot.  Otherwise, vehicles can come in on one row to find parking, but not be able to progress to the other rows.

Does Geometric Parking Solve Today’s Parking Problems?

No double, geometric parking is highly space-efficient.  But does it solve the parking problems facing property owners today?  We believe it doesn’t.

Geometric parking lets you fit more parking spaces into a lot, but there’s still ample abuse for the vehicles on the lot.  Rather than abiding to the 2 hour parking limit, if a vehicle parks for 8 hours, that effectively blocks out 3 other vehicles from parking during those 8 hours.

So the ability to enforce the parking policies is still the most efficient way to address today’s parking problems.  

Some property owners deploy a few staff members to walk around and monitor the lot for parking violators.  This is costly and prone to errors.

Parking Enforcement Software for Geometric Parking

Industry-leading Parking Enforcement Software providers, such as ParkPow, utilize machine learning software to help enforce the parking policies–such as 2 hour parking limit–found in many lots today.

This way, if a vehicle has resided in a parking lot for more than the allotted time, then the proper individuals can be informed to take proactive action.

So while tightly-packing vehicles into a designated space can increase the parking spaces per square meter, geometric parking in and of itself will not fully solve today’s parking problems.

Human nature is such where if abuse is possible, abuse will be had. This is much easier to show than any geometry proof.

About ParkPow

ParkPow lets you manage your parking lot and enforce parking rules. Track vehicles, get alerts, identify violators, access dashboard, and more! Contact us.

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